Here’s a round-up of our exhibitions and activities to help you celebrate Black History Month this October. From a national exhibition with the Bank of England Museum, to a brand new podcast series celebrating all things Windrush. Read on to find out more.

Pardner Hand: A Caribbean answer to British banking exclusion

Our exhibition with the Bank of England Museum explores the Pardner Hand – the collective savings system that the Windrush Generation brought to Britain, which was used by generations of Caribbeans excluded by the banking system. The exhibition also explores how the Pardner Hand is still flourishing today.

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New podcast: Objeks & Tings

Our new podcast series with Message Heard celebrates 75 years of Caribbean people, culture and contribution in the UK, via stories about the ‘objeks & tings’ Caribbeans cherish the most.

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Celebrating Caribbean Food in the UK with Sous Chef

Check out our new video series, ‘Conversations in the Kitchen’, to join in our celebration of Caribbean food in the UK.

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Objeks & Tings touring exhibition in Nottingham

Go along to Nottingham Castle to see our touring exhibition ‘70 Objeks & Tings’. The exhibition, accompanied by a book of the same name, tells the stories of the pioneering Windrush Generation in their own words, and celebrates the amazing contributions they have made, and continue to make, to life in Britain, including Nottingham.

Created to bring the book to life, the touring exhibition includes a collection of items exploring Caribbean Food, Caribbean Contributions to the UK, Caribbean Homes in the UK, Caribbean Hair, Beauty and Dress, and Caribbean Culture – giving visitors the chance to get up close and personal to some of the 70 objects and things featured in the book.

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