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My hair today – Cleopatra Style

The Art of Black Hair

To celebrate the launch of our latest exhibition ‘The Art of Black Hair’ opening this Friday 13th January 6pm at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham I am posting a picture of my hair style each day.

I am not a hairdresser (I Am The National Caribbean Heritage Museum Creative Director). I don’t even experiment that much with my hair. I relax and go, but since doing the research for this exhibition I have felt inspired to make a change and challenge myself and my tresses daily. Hence this blog post series ‘My Hair today’.

Please let me know what you think of my hair styles and if you have an ideas of how you think I should style it next let me know!

Today I am decorating my hair by channeling designs from my Ancient Egyptian roots! Like a magpie I love all things gold, shiny, sparkling and glitzy even in my hair.

Ancient Egypt times was the earliest era for self expression through hairstyling for men and women whether rich or poor.

There are many eleborate ways in which Ancient Egyptians adorned their hair dating back to 3000 B.C. Dyeing hair, cutting hair, braiding hair, shaving hair, weaving charms into hair, wearing wigs and other hair ornaments in your hair were all ways Ancient Egyptians would show off their hair.

‘Art was a part of everyday life of the Ancient Egyptians. And it is clear that they considered their hair as a supreme form of self-art which had endless possibilities. Again, we can thank the skill of these ancient artisans and the climate for allowing us to still enjoy what they did thousands of years ago.’ Ilene Springer Harvard University, Boston.


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