Lynda-Louise Burrell

Lynda was born in Nottingham with a strong connection to the Caribbean, as her parents were part of the Windrush migration in the 1950s; her mother emigrating from Saint Kitts, and her father from Jamaica.

Educated in Nottingham, Lynda moved to London when she was 16 years old, to study at the London College of Fashion. It was here that she secured a BTEC National Diploma, and following this qualification, Lynda studied at Middlesex University, reading for and obtaining a BA Hons in Fashion Design.
These qualifications flowed naturally into her next pathway – a new life and the start of her career in fashion design in the United States of America, where throughout her 11 years working in New York City, she developed an impressive career.

Lynda’s initial roles in the United States included working as a Design Assistant at Marc Jacobs, where she was responsible for designing clothing and prints for forthcoming seasons, and working on collections tailored for the Japanese market at designer Mark Eisen. After these roles, Lynda became a Fashion Stylist Assistant, where she organised and styled photoshoots for clients such as Italian Vogue, Macy’s and magazines including Hampton’s.

Following this, Lynda began work for Jennifer Hitzges, where she styled and produced stories for clients such as Vanity Fair, Spanish Vogue and GQ (among others), and later became assistant to the Fashion Director for Marie Claire Magazine, managing high level budgets, working with celebrity and VIP clients and styling several photoshoots per month. Following a successful five years in the New York fashion sector, Lynda decided to utilise her skills and expertise by working as a Freelance Fashion Consultant and Stylist, and worked for six years with clients such as NBC and Julie Haus, and for magazines such as Oprah’s O at Home, Marie Claire and Miami Photo. During her time in the United States, Lynda also was CEO of B Girls Inc., a company which manufactures bath and body products.

Lynda left the world of fashion and returned to the UK in 2009 to set up a nail spa and nail polish brand with her sister. With two nail spas subsequently set up in two Debenhams stores in Scotland and a flagship nail spa, located in Islington, London their products were sold in major department stores including Selfridges and Debenhams; leading fashion boutiques; independent stores; and internationally in stores in Barcelona and Bilbao.

In 2014 wanting to change focus Lynda’s mother, Catherine Ross, began setting up a ‘museum without walls’ that celebrates and commemorates Caribbean social history and heritage. Wanting to help her mother make the initial arrangements, Lynda planned to spend just a few months working on the museum’s branding and marketing. This was now two years ago, and Lynda now works full-time as the museum’s Creative Director, which involves promoting the museum and its exhibitions by engaging different audiences, establishing professional relationships with artists, curators and other museum staff, and creating exciting future projects.
Lynda’s Caribbean cookery book is still a work in progress!