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Is this Art?

We would like to invite you to join a collaboration between ourselves and the Nottingham Contemporary called, 'Is This Art?' We will be leading a…


An Edible Exhibition from The Takeaway Museum

An Edible Exhibition from The Takeaway Museum: discovering what slaves would have eaten at Christmas during the 17th and 18th centuries   This exhibition was…

Jane Tyska-staff  3/11/06 Tribune News

Funeral director Louis Charbonnet, (center, rear) escorts the casket of Ethel Anna Herbert from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in New Orleans after her funeral on Feb. 11. Herbert's story received national attention after she was airlifted out of the Superdome alive, but wound up missing for almost six months. Her daughter tried to give a FEMA representative her mother's medication with her name on it, but they declined to take it. Herbert died in route and wound up in the morgue in Baton Rouge, where she had been since Sept. 5. Her family is now speaking out for the remainder of Katrina's missing.

Nine Nights – Caribbean funeral traditions in the UK

Nine Nights - Caribbean funeral traditions in the UK: educating visitors on Caribbean funeral traditions and how Caribbean people celebrate the life of the deceased.…


The Art of Black Hair

THE ART OF BLACK HAIR 14 JANUARY 2017 - 19 MARCH 2017 CENTRAL GALLERY LAUNCH EVENT: 13 JANUARY 2017, 6PM - 9PM In collaboration with…


From Caribbean Isles to the British Isles: Home to Home

This was Museumand’s first exhibition, which proved extremely popular when it was launched at Nottingham’s Caribbean Carnival in August 2015, welcoming 1,184 visitors in one…

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